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“When choosing a medical school abroad people are often skeptical, especially coming from Nigeria, a lot of money is at risk. I can say without a doubt that Metropolitan University, is worth that risk. They really leave no stone unturned. I like that It’s a small class size so there’s no hiding place, and I think that’s what is needed to study medicine especially because we’re going to be dealing with people’s lives. It has been an interesting journey so far, and I am excited for what lies ahead because I know I have a solid foundation.”

Daniel Adoga

From Nigeria

“When I first stepped at Metropolitan University College of Medicine (MUCM), I was scared of all the didactics of Basic Science courses. However my Professors made learning enjoyable with the passion they brought to class each day, helping to infuse enthusiasm that made it possible for me to progress. My ability to make meaningful impact in the care of my patients and clinical discussions during my Clerkships could only be credited to the solid foundation I received at MUCM. As a graduate of this great Institution, I feel confident and well prepared for my future career in Medicine.”

Georgian Ajilloh

From Nigeria

“I have always wanted to study medicine, and I am glad that I chose MUCOM for my Journey. The lecturers were supportive, encouraging and fully accessible. The journey comes with its challenges but I know that it was much easier to reach my goal with the support provided by MUCOM. I am proud to say I studied here and now I can officially call myself .”

Temidayo Oyepitan

From England

“I can fondly look back on my journey with Metropolitan University not because the journey was easy but because I was always given access to the best resources. From having a great faculty who were very patient with their time to having the right structure that encourages learning and integration. I look back and remain grateful for the medical training but also for the personal growth.”

David Odulaja

From Nigeria

“MUCOM has played a significant role in my medical education and career. It provided a solid foundation that shaped my learning experience as a medical student and many opportunities to apply my clinical knowledge in real world settings such as being able to participate in one the first mass covid vaccination event held in Chicago by Mayor Lightfoot.”

Anushka Mirji

From USA

“I was scared to start my medical journey with a Caribbean school from all the negatives I heard about them, but after seeing the education plan and campus from Metropolitan I wouldn’t choose to do it differently if I had a redo. The staff and faculty are more than willing to give any assistance/advice and made me feel more like part of a family than just another student.”

Dallas Newland

From USA

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