Frequently Asked Questions

At Metropolitan University College of Medicine, we believe education transforms lives. That’s why we invite you to start the registration process and schedule a tour of our campus and facilities. Personalized tours allow us to provide you with a first-hand experience of our school in action. It also lets us focus our time and attention to answering your specific questions and concerns.

Tuition at Metropolitan University College of Medicine are one of the lowest fees in the Caribbean. Since we don’t compromise on the quality of education, you will be getting high quality medical education at affordable cost.

The course list can be found in the Academics section of the website.​
For Premedical courses, Click here.
For Basic science courses, Click here.
For Clinical science courses, Click here.
For Educational Objectives courses, Click here.
For Prerequisites for M.D. program courses, Click here.

Our Antigua Campus is open Monday to Friday form 8 AM to 5 PM. You can walk in if you are in the vicinity. You can also set up an appointment by calling any of the numbers listed at the bottom of the page.​You can also send enquiry emails to any of the following:
Finally, you can also send a WhatsApp message to 268-788-4532 or to 268-788-4482 or to 240-778-4636. One of our admission personnel will get in touch with you.

The primary criteria for recognition of any MD (or MBBS) awarded by any medical school are

  1. Whether the MD is recognized in the country where the school operates.
  2. Whether the program has been registered and approved by the Ministry of Education.


Our MD Program fulfills both those requirements.

  1. The Ministry of Education, Government of Antigua and Barbuda, has issued a charter that recognizes the MD conferred by MUCM.
  2. Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board (ABNAB) has approved and registered our program.
  3. Graduates of our MD program are eligible for licensure in the country of Antigua and Barbuda.


Each country imparts additional requirements, usually in form a written exam, to award licensure in that country. For example,

  1. To practice in USA, a student needs to pass USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exams)
  2. To practice in UK, a student needs to pass PLAB

To make our student’s registration for such exams easy, we have approached medical councils of various countries and in process of registering with them. Notably, ECFMG in USA, Medical Council of India, and Nigerian Medi​cal Council.

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